Lead magnets are fun at the funnels’ top. It provides you with the most innovative freedom to present yourself with fun-filled ideas to attract your target audience if showcasing a joyful brand side.

Such lead magnets can be broadly compared or correlated to your service or product to some extent. But always make it clear in your head that it is the awareness step of your funnel.

You will surely wish to push these leads through a development flow to guide others that you’ll have the willingness to buy if you reach the sales reps.

There is no requirement of the form requiring details for lead magnets having top-of-funnel. Only first and last names with email will do the work. Be sure that each lead magnet is appropriately tagged with a source of lead so that you can record the ROI.

So, have a glimpse at a few lead magnet ideas.

1. Giveaways

There is enough fitness that travels into executing and planning a giveaway, but we won’t get in all that here. Instead, you just need to learn that giveaways are excellent lead magnets!

Give your prospects numerous giveaway options, from a discounted annual subscription to free tickets of NBA to your product.

Ensure that the lead quality will change depending on how consistent your offering is regarding your service or product.

Instagram giveaways are an excellent way to enlarge your brand awareness and reach; you will not get any leads until you have entrants/participants DM with email addresses.

Instead, make a landing page on site for the giveaway, and share that link onto social media platforms.

2. Person-To-Person Field Marketing

Field marketers directly interact with potential customers that include networking events, conferences and trade shows.

They handle both marketing and sales expertise to persuade, inform, and educate prospects for brand involvement.

3. Influencer Collaborations

You can see that everyone is trying to become an influencer nowadays. Can you blame YouTube and TikTok for this?

It is an excellent time to check out a lead generation with the help of micro-influencers.

Search for an influencer in your slot, collect your leads and sponsor a few posts. Do remember to properly tag them, particularly if you opt to pay influencers on a per-lead basis or a commission.

4. Blog Post Download

Visitors attracted to your blog are likely in the information-gathering and awareness stage; thus, focus on easy and free offers here.

Simply offer to share the post in the inbox so that they can read it later. All that is mandatory for visitors to perform is to fill in their email addresses. Superbly convenient!

5. Free Tools

Don’t you notice that we provide various free tools for marketers and business owners, a winning situation: getting no-cost professional assistance to benefit them in getting more sales, and acquiring leads who might maximize our sales too.

You can even try Facebook Add Grader, Google My Business Grader, Google Ads Grader any time!

Lead Magnet Ideas of Top-of-Funnel

6. Examples content ( no cost guide on how you can write networking email examples or networking email)

7. Cheatsheets

8. Podcasting

9. Idea Generators

Lead Magnet Ideas of Mid-Funnel

10. Webinars

Webinars are more exciting nowadays with virtual learning and featuring trending or how-tos topics.

These webinars can be emailed, reused or recorded out as a part of a nurture campaign.

While hosting a new webinar, remember to ask your participants what type of questions they would like to answer during the session — you can have more information and engagement from leads straight away.

11. Checklists

If your product benefits from a solution of streamline or provides your team with affirming knowledge into a slot process, checklists provide you with a high level, low-effort way to send that know-how.

Remember that downloadable checklists perform well in the campaigns of Google ads.


We hope these lead magnet ideas would be beneficial in multiplying your sales. So, contact Apps Shoppy’s professionals today to resolve all your queries. Then, give us a free call at + 44 740 006 7342 to know more.

July 13, 2021