Want to get more visitors to your site? Well, everyone does! Further, if you talk about an effective and appealing landing, then it’s the keystone of a lucrative online marketing approach. It can be a possibility that your PPC ads might be an advanced version of perfection, and your offer may be outstanding, but if your landing page lacks goodness, your business may be destined to suffer.

Moreover, what if the visitors don’t love your landing page as they didn’t find the things they came for? It can be a possibility that they might immediately leave without increasing your conversion rate.”

Thus, ensure that your landing page has to be flawless.

Continuing with this, you can offer someone an opportunity or an advantage but can’t force anyone to do anything. And the same thing works for PPC.

To get visitors to your site is an incredible move, but when those visitors don’t love your landing page as they didn’t find the things they came for, they will immediately leave without increasing your conversion rate.

Moreover, even if you know the art of targeting ads and creating witty copy on your page, it’s all a waste if visitors could not turn into your customers if your landing page is brimmed with faults.

Thus, whether you are a first-time PPC marketer or a digital marketing guru, here are some foolproof tips that will help you boost conversions. Also, it will help in avoiding some usual pitfalls of landing pages.

#1 Keep Your Promises

If a user visits your site and click on your advertisement, then it’s because they’re searching for the stuff you’ve promised them. Ensure you offer your users the same thing for which they came to your page.

Moreover, one of the most common blunders companies make while creating a landing page is that they drive the entire traffic to their “Home Page.” And thus, it diverts the focus of users as for what they were on your page. Alternatively, direct your users to the most relevant web page plus lead them to the conversion process’ next step with as many minimum clicks as possible.

Furthermore, using a descriptive and clear title signifies what the web page is all about, and it certifies the user that indeed this page will meet their requirements!

You can follow through on advertisements by keeping a consistent page copy accompanied by your ad text and using the exact phrases and keywords.

Thus, if your ad conveys a message to your user, they could- “Buy Now,” then ensure it’s possible to include this icon of “Buy Now” on your significant landing page.

#2 Must Perform Blink Test

Whether you trust us or not, most users review your landing page’s value within a few seconds only. Thus, it’s become your ultimate responsibility to pop out your key message first and immediately grasp their attention.

Ensure that your landing page passes the important blink test by erasing any unnecessary information from your page.

Also, keep in mind to use short copy to spotlight the main touch and selling points.

The research shows that impressive images increasingly convert better than text; thus, higher quality videos and pictures that can convey your message are incredibly effective.

Above all, make use of distinct and clear CTAs for directing a reader to head towards the most prominent section of the page.

So why should not one try experimenting with quirky phrases and attractive colours in your Call to Actions to boost clicks?

#3 Be The Architecture of Your Success

The design of your landing page creates a top-notch impact on users as it decides how the users are going to interact with the landing page, and lastly, it ensures the complete conversation.

Moreover, your layout should be distinguishable, simple, and all set for every screen size.

Additionally, users invest in approximately a colossal time of 80 per cent above the page’s fold, and consequently, the things above the fold garner the most attention of users.

While you decide your web page’s design, look at the essential items your page needs to have; possibly a special discount offer, buy button, and more.

Ensure these special buttons are instantly visible to your users on the landing page.

Moreover, remember your customers are most active on smaller screens. You will find loads of customers having their presence on your site via their mobile phones. Thus, if your website requires plenty of pinching and zooming, conversions will crash fastly.

Also, don’t forget to clear the messiness on your mobile landing page so that users can effortlessly navigate and simultaneously complete the process of conversion.

Tip: With the help of Google’s Test, figure out if your landing page is Mobile-Friendly.

#4 Track, Measure, Plus Optimise

Undoubtedly, A/B testing is a fantastic way of finding out the best landing page options for your business.

To monitor the impact of various landing pages, your customers will tell you what they don’t want to see and what they love while clicking on your ad.

You can test anything from various headlines, CTAs, structure, plus forms and see surprising results.

Thus, it’s crucial to analyze your results plus optimize them based on your searching.

Thus, consider a few things:

Bounce Rates: The number of customers leaving your website after visiting your landing page?

Time on Page: How much time do your users spend on the landing page before exiting or converting?

Time on Website: Do your visitors to the PPC campaign continue to have an engagement with your website?

Conversions Rates: Check what is forcing people to complete your conversion!

Final Thoughts

Creating an excellent performing landing page is suitable for having continual and long-term benefits for your business.

These pages look fantastic, improve conversion rates and have an accessible and relevant navigable PPC landing page that will help increase your “quality score” on Google AdWords.

It further decreases your pricing and pushes your ads higher on the SERPs to drive maximum traffic to your website.

Regardless of what your site is advertising with pay-per-click, pursuing these tips will help in increasing the online performance of your campaigns.

Meanwhile, constantly optimize and test your landing page in response to the evolving customer requirements. Contact Apps Shoppy’s professional web designers today at +44-740 006 7342 to know more.

June 23, 2021