Whenever you transform your business into a remarkable brand, it becomes a key tool not just to escalate your business but to connect with a more targeted audience on a personal note.

Therefore, branding your business is highly essential than picking a colour scheme and logo you wish to portray your business.

Moreover, a brand encompasses how the company treats its employees and customers, the culture you pick to maintain/retain in your firm, the unique and innovative ideas your brand backs, what messages it welcomes, and a lot more.

In one go, a brand is an amazing thing that makes your business place at the peak position and always unique from others.

It’s all crystal clear why businesses consider becoming a flourishing brand.

Nonetheless, it’s essential to put this thought into words that it undeniably requires precise planning plus some R&D work.

Thus, keep that in your little head; here are some of the best brand marketing statistics of 2021.

1. Authenticity Holds The Driving Seat

Today, authenticity is not the only thing that one must emphasize. Instead, you must admire it too. It means that consumers watch for brands that are relatable, real, and above all, authentic.

When you are genuine to your brand and know what value your brand holds, it without any question helps your business make a standout position in the crowd.

In the recent survey, 86 per cent of the consumers claimed that they first searched for authentic brands. And if your brand does not seem authentic to them, there’ll not be anything that sets them apart from your competitors.

2. Trust Matters

When your consumers make up the mind to do any type of business with a specific brand, then these people put all their trust in that particular brand.

It means that one cannot expect lucrative results unless anyone manages to create trust with their target audience.

As per the survey, 81 per cent of the consumers say that they require trusting a brand for supporting it.

Moreover, the more interesting thing is that it’s the number enveloping people based on income, gender, age, and many other groups.

Thus, if any brand successfully grasps its audience’s trust, it will gain in bulk from that trustworthy relationship.

3. Transparency Has To Be Prioritized

It’s an automatic process as trust invites transparency too. In addition to this, one factor is incomplete without the other one.

Furthermore, 66 per cent of the consumers claim that transparency is one of the most crucial aspects when choosing a brand.

The comfiest way of brands becoming much transparent is by deciding to share info with their target audience. It’s a move that one can achieve seamlessly with good testimonials and reviews.

As long as you are honest and clear about your work and business proceedings, one doesn’t share that crucial information with people who want to know more about you and your brand.

4. Your Brand Design Has To Be Accurate

As discussed before, all brands should draw in an easily recognizable, impactful, and unique colour scheme plus jaw-dropping logo design.

Furthermore, e.g. your brand awareness increases by 80 per cent if you have an easily recognizable logo and colour scheme.

Now, think of the world’s most popular brands, to name a few, McDonald’s or Coca-Cola. The signature red and yellow colour combination plus the red and white colour combo immediately remind us of the brand names. It does not require us to see the logo.

As colours make a stunning impact to enforce certain emotions and feelings, be careful and wise while deciding your colour combination. Also, ensure that such a fusion of colours is aligned with your brand.

5. Customer Service Has To Be Top-Notch

Customers with an unpleasant experience are more likely to share their reviews or experience with others instead of having a positive experience with any brand. And it’s the reason why it becomes essential to offer your customers a stellar experience to maintain your online reputation without hurting it.

6. Consistency Is The Key To Be The King

Brand consistency is crucial as it guarantees that your brand stays authentic plus consistent throughout different marketing platforms. In different circumstances, it will just create a space for confusion among your valuable audience.

Therefore, look for hiring a good custom web design company that promises consistency across every channel.

As per the stats, brand consistency can speed up your business revenue by 33 per cent.

7. Focus On Social Issues More

As the audience likes to connect with brands personally, it no denies that they then expect those particular brands to raise their voice or take an impactful stand on certain social matters.

It’s the point where customers have the choice to either support or boycott your brand. So, find it as your leading social media management company that will help you with this job.


Thus, after going through these compelling brand marketing statistics, trusting Apps Shoppy’s professionals will help remodel your business into a global brand. So contact us today at +44-740 006 7342 to know more.

June 15, 2021