Lead generation is significantly a key factor for businesses and marketers for growing their business. To increase your leads relates to increasing the interest of people in your services or products, raising brand awareness, and take care of your interested prospects via a marketing funnel. So, if you do it well, then the lead generation strategies help you create solid relationships with qualified and quality customers who have a greater possibility to invest in your business for the long term.

And probably many times, you would have asked yourself this question that “how to increase the lead generation?”

In this post, we are here with some effective lead generation strategies that will help you optimize your efforts to allure and close a deal with qualified prospects.

So, please look at the five reliable lead generation strategies.

1. Influence of Chatbot Conversations

When you are a busy marketer, you probably won’t always have the efforts and dedicated time to generate leads. So, what’s wrong with getting some help?

Thus, chatbots are an excellent lead generation tool. Moreover, such technology is prominent to build rapport with future leads since these chatbots are there for you 24/7.

And hence, with this tool, you can see an automated increase in your sales.

2. Write Gated Content

Discussing gated content, it’s the online element only approachable by users after they complete the form.

Contrarily to usual landing pages or general blog posts, your content is locked. The target audience should complete the form of lead capture for accessing the content.

Such a lead generation strategy is doing wonders as it offers your audience something free while grabbing the attention of quality leads interested in blogs related to your offerings or brand.

Moreover, gated content often encompasses:

  • eBooks
  • White papers
  • Guides
  • Courses
  • Reports
  • Online tools
  • Worksheets

For Example, A popular software suite of content marketing – “HubSpot”, comprises a dedicated section of resources on their site.

It even encircles loads of gated content assets that any user can access after filling out lead capture.

3. Organize A Value-Packed Newsletter

By creating a must-read newsletter is another technique for using content as a lead magnet. Such a newsletter inspires every interested prospect to connect with you and have a constant touch with your business.

Thus, it helps your brand to be in your customers’ minds on priority and share promotions for services and products that help in inviting more prospects in your purchase funnel.

The content for a newsletter possibly includes:

  • Updates regarding your services or products
  • New blog posts
  • Upcoming events
  • Special offers
  • Recommended reading by various thought leaders.

4. Optimize Social Media Profiles For Promoting Your Lead Magnets

When your brand has a strong lead magnet, it ensures that your social media followers know this. So, highlight this thing on different social media platforms so that when a user engages with you, they glance at your special offers and will clear out the next step to work with you.

Tip: You can promote your lead magnets in profile pages and images. Also, take advantage of CTA buttons by including links to your lead magnets, contrary to inviting audiences to your site’s homepage.

5. Pay For Promoting Your Business On Different Social Media Networks

You can use social media ads as one of the striking lead generation strategies to increase your business revenue. Also, you can rely on robust targeting options of Instagram and Facebook for showing advertisements to people who are perhaps engrossed in your services or products.

One can target an audience on a micro-level (using psychographic) or macro-level (using demographic segmentation) and thus, allows you to connect with some particular audience.

For Example, a social media customer care tool called Conversocial uses paid Instagram advertisements for driving target prospects to their in-depth, gated reports and social media guides.


Thus, keeping in mind these effective lead generation strategies, contact Apps Shoppy’s experts today to have quality leads and thus, increase your business revenue.

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July 14, 2021