Considering today’s scenario, a higher percentage of internet users have smartphones. Thus, it’s the dominant and most impressive form of digital interaction nowadays.

When you search for local solutions, Google Maps is the ideal platform to find a quick fix for your query. Consequently, its marketing offers every business excellent advertising exposure.

As per Google, local search remains the significant focus in the local. Additionally, Google Maps even offers other business and brand details, including their address, directions, client reviews, and operating hours.

So, here are five different ways of ranking higher on Google Maps:

1. Verify Google My Business Page

Talking about local entrepreneurs, they have first to verify their business. Thus, one needs to create a Google My Business account. Also, after this, do the NAP listing of your business by including its Name, Address, and Phone Number.

Ensure you thoroughly describe your business details. Also, if you have recently created an account, then Google will further send you a postcard through email.

Furthermore, if you want to claim the NAP listing already there on Google Maps but hasn’t been verified yet, one can execute the verification process via email or phone. And finally, your business will get registered.

2. Add Schema Markup of Your Local Business

Make sure that your site comprises schema markup along with the business’ NAP. Also, search engines take up schema language as the structured protocol.

Moreover, schema markup refers to a direct data source considering your web pages. And this data source advances your essential data sets.

In addition to this, local SEO is mainly dependent on direct and local data. Wrapping up the NAP of your business location in Schema allows search engines to know more about its relevance and authority.

3. Create High-Quality Backlinks

When you have high-quality backlinks, it results in increasing the ranking of your site. Also, backlink creation is the most ignored strategy in Google Maps to achieve higher rankings.

Furthermore, creating higher domain authority backlinks can significantly impact the increment of your rankings in SERP.

It’s an essential aspect of where you are positioned in the Google search results. Thus, even in the most challenging markets, quality backlinks prove to be a fuel that takes your business to top rankings in Google Maps.

4. Develop Niche Citations

Talking about Citations, they involve the NAP details of your business plus the URL of your website in many cases.

Citations hold to be a perfect way to certify a business’ location by Google. Also, coming to organic SEO, citation sources are the same as backlinks.

Moreover, the more relevant and authoritative these citation sources are to your brand, the higher the increment you will receive in your Google Maps rankings.

Further, locate directories and websites that either has a local focus or are pinpointed towards your business.

5. Optimize Your Site Homepage

There is a direct impact of a website on your authority and ranking. Specially, these two factors are directly affected when you connect the website with your listings.

Moreover, the domain authority, relevance and targeting of the business category are among the elements that Google uses for associating your site with your listing.


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July 11, 2021