After putting in a lot of effort into bringing in your new customers, now you want to concentrate on retaining them.

Here, you will find customer retention strategies that are one of the most efficient ways for turning new customers into loyal ones.

Thus, by developing brand new opportunities for the customers, one can advance the value or importance of each person who buys from your eCommerce shop.

With the help of eCommerce development customer retention strategies, one can create a robust plan for improving customer value. In addition, such tactics help in offering valuable and efficient ways for nurturing your sales funnel.

Moreover, customer retention rate can have a crucial influence on your marketing plan’s value. And with the below efficient strategies, one can shape up effective customer retention solutions.

1. Sending Email Campaigns Along With Promotional Offers.

When customers already have put their money in your firm, then via discount codes and promotional offers, now you can invest in your customers. The crucial thing here is that make your customers feel that you are offering them something exclusive.

Thus, boost your customers via the best CTA to act promptly by adding an expiry date along with an offer. Additionally, 82 per cent of the audience uses their digital coupons within that given week after receiving them.

2. Build A Solid SMS Marketing Campaign.

It becomes more satisfactory to use SMS marketing for those customers who have opted for it.

Further, text messages comprise higher rates of about 98 per cent to promote your marketing campaign. However, 15 per cent of the companies or even less than that uses an SMS marketing approach for connecting with their valuable customers.

And by adopting this strategy, one can stay way ahead of your competitors.

Furthermore, with the help of relevant marketing tools, one can focus on text messaging campaigns that help drive more customers to your site. Apps Shoppy thus, helps you in sending emails to your customers via SMS shortcode and offers or discounts.

3. Offer a Good Customer Loyalty Program

Customer reward and loyalty programs are powerful customer retention strategies. These strategies not just offer value to the customers via discounts, cashback, or several other perks but can encourage customers to invest more in your brand by including reward tiers.

According to the research, 75 per cent of the consumers go for companies with rewards and loyalty programs.

5. Assemble A Powerful Customer Referral Program

With the support of unique customer referral programs, you can encourage new leads to become your customers and even reward your customers. It implies that it can be much more effective than various other forms of digital marketing, such as phone calls and paid ads.

A strong referral program comprises advantages such as 54 per cent of the marketers claim that such programs cost less than marketing platforms. Additionally, 78 per cent of the marketers say that it can produce excellent or promising leads.

6. Make Customer Experience And Service Your Topmost Priority – Ecommerce Development

Creating value for your customers must be the significant focus and part of your customer retention strategy.

Improvement in strategies and account updates can’t just offer you extraordinary customer experiences. However, such things can help in encouraging your customers to invest more money in your company.

7. Focus On Strides Toward Corporate Authority

A recent trend of aggressive, intelligent, dynamic, and forceful corporate responsibility is making rounds.

Furthermore, your customers wish to know that your company is making efforts to return valuable outcomes to the community. Additionally, you can be executed by regulating with charities or carrying out new corporate policies.


After seeing these crucial customer retention strategies, you can easily retain your customers for generating more business revenue. So, contact Apps Shoppy’s eCommerce development experts today at +44 740 006 7342 to know more.

July 6, 2021