Have you created your relevant Facebook ad? Are your photos good? Is your copy refined? If your answer is yes, then even it will not gift you the dream conversions you want!

Moreover, if you talk about impressions, they are present at the location where you wish them to, plus people are clicking. However, the unfortunate thing is no one is still buying your stuff.

And it literally gives you a headache and makes you wonder what you are doing or did wrong, don’t you think so? Well, you do!

So, if you do not have the results that you were looking for, then it could be these five reasons.

#1. Maybe Wrong Approach You’re Using?

For several social media marketing experts, particularly those who’ve found a way to lead with Facebook, AdWords, is much struggling.

Furthermore, most of the time, Facebook users are not looking for services or products when using the platform. In addition to this, these users are looking at the images, sharing them, and commenting on other people’s updates. They also keep themselves updated with the latest games.

Moreover, your approach to target Facebook ads must incorporate creating different offers that help shape brand awareness, generate lead generations, and different look for higher conversions.

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#2 You Are Not Targeting Your Audience

One of the essential things when working on Facebook ads is to target your right audience. Moreover, whenever you’re creating brand awareness, make sure to have a little expansion in that. However, when you are paying attention to get the best conversion rates, then for you, it’s a must to target your right or exact customer.

Moreover, without any doubt, patience is the key here. So, one will require nurturing their leads as people, on average, have to witness a brand for about 6 to 8 times before users are all set to activate/trigger plus click the buy.

#3 Shutting Your Eyes To Your Relevance Score

The relevance score of Facebook will look over your targeted audience, plus figure out how relevant and perfect your messages or ad might be to your target audience.

Moreover, the better the score is, the better you will target your relevant and right people. Additionally, the prime thing considering relevance is that even though your ad is not entirely perfect, and if you’re targeting a relevant audience moreover, if your ad is appropriate, then you’ll still be getting the best conversions.

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#4 Your Brand’s Message Doesn’t Match

Another reason behind the underperformance of your ads is that when your brand’s message does not match. There has to be alignment acting between the imagery, the copy, plus the headline of your ad. Ensure that all the essential things in your ad should be suitably lining up with your landing page.

Also, it’s quite common for every business to have confusion in this. So, sites constitute this awesome ad with a great clickable headline. However, when the potential customers click, they’re enthusiastic about the content; the result is that they do not line up.

In all, do not use a generic ad, plus expect that people will buy from your site. Also, remember that you do not do an enticement thing, and further, switch and suddenly hope the audience to purchase.

#5 Your Ad Isn’t Innovative

It can be the possibility that your general AdWords ad may be performing just fine. Thus, it’s easy; transparent, plus it includes the right and relevant keywords so that people click on it. Nonetheless, that is not the way how things are working on Facebook.

One has to get such an audience scrolling directly through their critical timelines to halt and take complete notice.

Moreover, one requires a concise, eye-catching, and unique headline or title. Additionally, it would be good if your title has a length of around five words. Plus, one requires the most engaging and meaningful visual content, including an eye-grabbing image, video, plus one has to limit the copy.

Furthermore, generally, social media users are not having any interest in reading the complete lot.


At Apps Shoppy, we are aware that Facebook ads can be quite a headache for you, but we’re your best SMO experts who are here to help you. Thus, let our social media professionals assist you in smoothly developing your Facebook marketing strategy by calling us @  +44-740 006 7342.

June 7, 2021