For an experienced SEO specialist or marketer, “Google My Business” Is categorized as a part of daily conversation. Being a dentist may not be your expertise area, but it does not mean you did not wish to look at your process optimized for growth.

Gratefully, establishing a certified online presence with the help of Google My Business is amongst the easiest places, to begin with.

So, what is Google My Business, and how can it help?

How Could You Take Advantages From Google My Business?

1. Stay Updated

Google is not a fan of a verified business, specifically if they have a website.

The very first step you should take is to set a GMB account & similarly claim your practice listing to become Google certified.

Once certified and claimed, your practice seems to be more official to Google and your patients, and you’ll be seen more when anyone searches for your services.

Google does not trust inconsistency. Thus you’ll also wish to be very sure that your practice address, name, business hours, phone number(s), and other information is across the listing of your GMB, social media accounts, and your website.

2. Select The Correct Category

Do you know that GMB has over 3000 categories that you can select from and permit you to select up to 10 for your business?

While suggesting best practices, you do not select that much (choose quality over quantity); GMB categories are very particular. Therefore, you shouldn’t have any inconvenience in narrowing things down.

For instance, instead of becoming a “dentist,” you could have opted for “pediatric dentist” Or “cosmetic dentist” If it correctly describes your practice.

3. Prioritize Custom Images

It might be intriguing to select out of professional photography & choose stock photography just for your listing.

But patients mostly prefer to go for your authentic photos, your practice before scheduling an appointment, and your staff.

Showcasing your technology, niceties, and other alluring aspects of your practice can benefit ensure patients make more confident decisions in selecting you over a competitor.

However, you would not have full control over which pictures show first, as patients would be able to upload on their own, but you can ask Google to prefer a specific picture to show by uploading a cover image.

4. Appreciate Reviews

Not flabbergastingly, reviews of patients can break or make the online reputation of your practice.

Reviews that are positive have a benefit of two-fold:

They were making you likely to be selected by a new patient & to be trusted and seen by Google. The more positive reviews, the better are your chances of maximizing your online presence and the new patients who fix appointments.

Don’t feel browbeaten if you have no or few reviews.

Patients who have had a good experience at your practice will agree to mention a good review if suggested.

5. Keep A Watch

It might be attractive to finish all the preliminary tasks & then let your GMB profile alone.

But with your social media accounts and website, making updates and regular checking on your listing is an excellent idea.

You will be able to reply timely to your patient reviews, especially since 90 per cent of customers will go through a business response over reviews before deciding anything.

Having a watch is further recommended because anyone can suggest making updates to your important listing & you will wish to have profile tabs.

Logging into your account of GMB is also an excellent time to get involved with potential patients with the help of Google Posts.

Similar to the Updation of Facebook, this trait lets you advertise specials or new services in a post that should be tangible to a patient when they look for your business listing.


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July 20, 2021