When making a plan to have a party with friends or while planning a vacation, before visiting an eatery or going to that place, you check online reviews of that restaurant or hotel as its food is good or not. The hotel where you are going to stay will be comfortable or not.

Approximately 75 per cent of people do this analysis.

Moreover, 93 per cent of the consumers claim that online reviews have affected their buying decisions. Additionally, with Google as the majority of people’s go-to online review site for about 63 per cent of potential customers, even a single negative review can profoundly affect your potential sale.

And this is the reason you people are here. Sometimes a question in your mind like “How Can I Delete Negative Reviews About My Business On My GMB, i.e. Google My Business account?

Well, there’s no magic attached to this query as it can immediately remove a review.

Can Anyone Erase Negative Reviews From Google?

Well, Google doesn’t allow removing either positive or negative reviews because its ultimate goal reviews are to give consumers unbiased feedback from customers’ experiences.

And if anyone has faced a negative or bad experience, Google wants you to be aware of the problems.

When Can Someone Flag or Delete a Google review?

There are limited occasions when you request a Google review to be erased are authorized:

Irrelevant and Fake Google Business Reviews

Google’s prime intention is to show accurate and authentic reviews, and the last thing would be to offer misleading stuff to its users.

So, if you feel that a review is not applicable to your business and is not correct concerning what you offer, one can flag this issue with Google and remove it.

Inappropriate Language/Content

If the reviews include offensive language or involve any obscenity or derogatory or threatening reviews, then you’ve every right to flag them.

Also, Google permanently removes content that contains hatred, sexually explicit material, or discrimination against specific individuals or groups. It also deletes content posted by different terrorist groups.

Disingenuous/Unfair Reviews

Do not post reviews on Google for firms where you work or have a faithful relationship with the company because Google only needs honest reviews.

Ensure you don’t give negative reviews for your competitive firms to get a strong niche over them in the market. Contrarily, Google will shower any kindness on you trying to manipulate/influence opinions in your support.

Reviews That Are Competitions Encouraging

It’s against Google protocols to use stimulus for encouraging any positive review. One doesn’t hold any right to run any giveaways or competitions for customers who inspire you to leave positive reviews.

And when a competition or business is guilty of it, one can flag this matter with Google.

Method For Remove Such Google Reviews Types

Considering the above issues, if a review is guilty, then start by:

First, log in to your GMB account.

Second, choose your business plus click “Reviews” from that menu.

Lastly, select the review you want to flag,

Further, click the menu of 3-dot and flag it as inappropriate.

Unsurprisingly, this process takes time. Even if Google agrees to remove that review, there’s no particular time when they will do this.

In that case, for a quicker process, you can:

Request an online chat

Request a callback

Email to GMB support.

How one can ask a customer for deleting any negative review?

Undoubtedly, the best way to deal with a customer complaint or query is to respond to it quickly.

Moreover, according to a survey, approximately 34 per cent of customers leaving the negative review will erase them if the company takes action to the issue flagged.

And near around 33 per cent will hence replace it with a good review.


So we hope this section of the article would have been fruitful for you all!

June 29, 2021