The meta title is a crucial element for both search engines and users as it communicates the primary purpose and topic of a document or content.

You can consider meta title as the low hanging reap fruit as it has the ultimate potential to impact your Click-through rate or CTR plus the rankings.

The meta title is different to meta descriptions that now has not much importance or relevance in the ranking terms.

Right from the perspective of SEO, someone must use a catchy title only once for a site, plus it should comprise the following elements.

Significance of Meta title in SEO For A Business And Blog Site

The title tag is the initial thing with which your audiences interact before visiting your website from the SERP.

Moreover, title tags are used in three prime places, including web browsers, social networks, and SERPs.


In case when your website does not rank well on the Search Engine Result Page, then your title tag has vital importance in finding out whether a user will click to land on your page or not.

2. Web Browsers

On the top of the web browser, you will see the title tag. It also helps in easily recognizing the related web pages when you see multiple tabs open.

3. Social Networks

Social network websites use your meta description and title tag to display when one shares their web page. And unless you write a meaningful and compelling meta title for the web page you wish to share, it will not attract audiences to click on it.

Tips For Optimizing Meta Title

Ensure to add the keyword to your title.

If your title tag starts with a keyword, then it performs better than a title tag with keywords used in the end.

To add LSI keywords in your meta tags, assist Google to understand the context of your words.

Learn that you don’t do keyword stuffing in your meta title; if found guilty by Google, they may penalize your web page.

Technical Drawbacks Of The Meta Title

Content Overriding

Google does not always credit a web page’s detailed meta title tag. However, it can now and then offer their information dragged from the document if seen usability is predicted to enhance.

If the meta title comprises “Click Here” or other precise CTAs that has the objective to push clicks instead of offering value, the title is possibly overridden to serve the search term of users better.

Length Limit

Though there’s no official length limit of meta title from Google, it’s good if you offer a title within 50 to 60 characters for avoiding it being cut short within SERPs and further, affixed with a “…”.

Furthermore, one should even pay enough attention to how meta titles are visible on mobiles because the snippet area may be reduced.

Additionally, seeing that mobile searches surpass that of desktop, it’s important to pay closer attention to the searches or meta titles appearing on mobile devices.


It’s is likely to include emojis in your meta title to make them unique from others. Particularly for domains that have a keen focus on younger audiences.

Nonetheless, not every emoji has its guarantee to be displayed in the snippet of Search Engine Result. Also, it should be further verified before rolling out across the site. Usually, it’s the best way to add emojis in the form of their HTML entity instead of copying plus pasting icons.

Significance For SEO

The meta title is of utmost importance for SEO. It is recognized as one of the important ranking signals, and thus, meta titles should be chosen sensibly.

Tip: If you make any changes, it will take time to get visible in the SERPs.


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July 2, 2021