Today, every business comprises a website. While user navigation, theme, relevant content, and design are the significant elements of an excellent website, one essential that several people might tend to ignore the page loading speed.

Nowadays, it’s crucial to understand your target/customer/buyer audience that’s always online.

It means that if your audience wants to access online information, they’ll do it via their smartphones, tablet, laptop, desktop.

Moreover, today a digital consumer is undeniably impatient. These people don’t give websites a second chance if they are not mobile-optimized sites that take so much more time to load.

In addition to this, if you want to ensure that you by chance don’t lose half of your target audience as your site takes forever time for loading, then don’t forget to pay attention to the website’s speed.

Moreover, it’s not only your target audience for whom site speed matters so much as they are possibly the most prominent reason.

Furthermore, Google even uses your website’s speed as a ranking signal or indicator.

Thus, if you wish that your site appears on top of Google’s search results, then it’s time to rethink and pull up your socks and ensure that your website speed matches the highest level of speed.

For regulating speed, you can check where you are currently standing and if your site takes a prolonged time to load, then look for creating a website that loads faster.

The ultimate goal of your site is to improve the user experience as you want some valuable users to keep returning to your site.

Why Website Speed Is Of Higher Importance

Besides the fact that your target audience nowadays is possibly the most impatient and enthusiastic generation of all time, one has to keep in mind their eagerness as nobody, in fact, loves a site that works slow.

However, here we are with some key reasons why website speed holds such great importance.

We guess everyone has heard this old saying that “the first impression is the last impression.” Continuing this, it’s a concept that applies here to websites too.

When a user for the first time lands on your site, it’s a pretty obvious thing that they’ll make a judgement regarding your website and maybe how your business is, how you work, and your quality.

Moreover, it’s highly recommended that one cannot misjudge it because when your site is excessively complex to navigate or too slow, then mark it, there’s a high possibility that users may not come back.

Thus, if anyone wants to make a stronger first impression, then ensure your site loads much faster.

In recent times, website users are busy all the time. Even if they are having each and everything at their fingertips, still they are forever busy. A website user is always impatient and constantly moving every time.

If you talk about the websites plus the internet, users undeniably expect speed. And when they do not get that, they wouldn’t quite bother about it.

Moreover, you will see people ever have that patience to wait for a site to load if it’s a higher authority website.

So let us have that genuineness. It’s common to have technical errors. It can sometimes happen that the master search engine, Google, can even have a bad day; everyone does, right?

So, the only issue is that one can’t risk disturbing your target audience with a slower site unless you are the great Google.

Moreover, Google does not have any proficiency in its slow working; it doesn’t have such a slow process every day, every time.

For example, if a breakdown or any failure occurs once in a year, then your audience will easily ignore it and forgive you if you have such a reputation, big and outstanding as Google.

Alternatively, one has to ensure that they have got all the parameters and specifications right, especially website speed is most significant among them.

The primary and utmost important objective of digital marketing is attracting an audience for trying out and relying on your services and products.

Additionally, it applies to and covers every web page type, even if it is a simple and not a high standard blog.

A blogger always wishes to have readers; an online electronic shop wishes to sell televisions; an online book business wants buyers for their books. Now, how would you do this? One can do it by giving an incredible user experience.

If you have the only business of book stores and want to sell books, ensure you have an awesome collection.

In the case of TV, ensure you offer users the best price along with high-quality devices.

If one has expectations of increasing their readers, then ensure offering good content to them.

Nevertheless, none of these things matters if your site’s loading speed is not good. Don’t forget that website speed is significant for a pleasant user experience.

Now, when your site speed is hell pathetic, then your conversion rates also drown in a loss. If your site, on average, takes more than 3 seconds to load, then around 40 per cent of the users will drop out and discontinue your site. So, what does it imply?

It indicates a slow site that will drive your customers away from your site. And as a result, it will shatter the whole desire and goal of having a site.

So, it is our recommendation to do a speed check plus ensure you don’t lose that 40 per cent of your target audience too because of the only reason you didn’t focus on the impactful speed.


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June 29, 2021